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An Amazing Eco Park Over Garbage

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 Eco-system and nature park Tirupati Nature Park on Vijapur Road at Derol, around 15 km from Himmatnagar (Gujrat), has become Eco fun place to those who want to enjoy a pleasant time when the district is recording over 41.8 degrees celsius temperature in the summer months. The park is unique for it landscaping, nursery fencing and reservoirs and sits over one-metre deep garbage fill and has been reclaimed from a creek.

It has been developed by a well-known environment activist of Mehsana Jitendra Patel. It is spread over 128 acres and has 45 check dams on Sabarmati river, which flows through the park. "I am planning to grow as many as 10 lakh trees of different species," said Patel, a recipient of Priyadarshini Indira Gandhi Vruksha (Tree) Mitra(Friend) national award. He added that over 4.50 lakh trees have already been planted in the park.

  The park is lighted from the solar energy system installed on the top of a mound on the side of the river. The park's main attraction is an 80-feet high Vruksha Narayan Mandir. The 'aarti' of the trees is performed both in the evenings and mornings.

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